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What Would Your Dream Dressing Room Look Like?

Mysterious dream dressing room doors.

Written by Regina Bauman and Meg Delagrange Regina’s Dream Dressing Room Theme: Show the World Your Soul Song by Chelsea Gill — Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful The Elements: ☑ Copper Pipe Clothes Rack ☑ Wall hooks for Bags ☑ Huge Detailed Floor Mirror ☑ Vanity ☑ Chandeliers ☑ Fluffy shag rug ☑ Velvet Floor Poufs ☑ Coat Tree ☑ Inspirational Art 1. Chandelier…

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From Amish to Tokyo to the Runway

The story of Meg Delagrange of going from Amish to Tokyo to finding herself through developing her personal style.

My birth story is one of my favorite stories to tell, as it’s been told to me. That’s where it all began — with a dramatic, unconventional entrance into the world. I was born to Amish parents in a plain white farmhouse in upstate New York. My mom was only 18-years-old when she gave birth to…

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