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One Simple Product to Simplify Your Life

By Regina Bauman | April 11, 2016

Do you enjoy the little things in life? In this millennium we have so many flashy things that are competing for our attention. Robotic vacuum cleaner anyone? We are reminded daily by inspirational blog posts, articles and social media to enjoy the little things. Stop and look up at the sky. Savor a cup of coffee with a friend.…

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Have an Idea, Create Something of Value

How to Get Your Idea Out and Create Something of Value

By Regina Bauman | May 16, 2015

The idea is always the beginning. The moment you have the epiphany, the smatterings of an idea gradually connects and becomes something. Something that wasn’t there before you thought about it.   “I begin with an idea. Then it becomes something else.” Pablo Picasso Once you have the beginnings of an idea, get started! When we…

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