5 Easy Ways to Stay Afloat with Your New Year’s Resolutions

5 Easy Ways to Stay Afloat with Your New Year’s Resolutions

1. Don’t Make Any

This is the best advice you will receive from this post. I used to be one of those addicted to making many resolutions that I forgot about three weeks later. At the time I felt powerful, unstoppable. I can do anything! All I have to do is write it down! I’m going to be a Better Human Being!

Now that I am older and a bit wiser, I’ve stopped making resolutions.

I still love writing out a few goals and words for the year, but now I make a few of those at the beginning of each month. This helps me stay focused, inspired and motivated throughout the year.

2. Make A Bucket List Instead

Here’s an alternative — make a bucket list instead!

Want to be more intentional? Stretch your brave? List a few things that scare you, then schedule them into your month.

Looking to have a few more adventures? Get in the car and leave your phone (including its navigational system) at home while you try out a few new back roads.

Would you like to see six new places in the next six months? Take an hour once a week and try a new ethnic food spot you haven’t had before. If your budget and time allows, definately buy a few tickets and go!

3. Focus On Who You Want to Be, not What or Where

Self-shame and guilt are poor motivators for ourselves. Take responsibility for your own choices by being intentional about them.

Unhealthy food brings more harm to your emotional system than to your physical system if it is accompanied by self-condemnation and guilt. —Dr. Caroline Leaf

Eat that candy bar and enjoy it, but make it an intentional choice. Not only will this cut down on the times you choose to eat it, it will also allow you to enjoy it to the full with no shame or self-flagellation afterwards.

Let’s not blame our friends or our circumstances for our own choices, but accept ourselves as being fully adult and capable of making our own decisions.

4. Keep it Simple

Enough with the pages upon lists of goals, resolutions and inspiring ambitions!


Stick with one thing that you could do this week. Click To Tweet

Looking to stay more organized? Stop buying more things and start using what you have.
Hoping to cook more food at home? Keep a bit more food in the pantry so you have options!
Want to be more present socially? Always leave your phone in the car when hanging out with friends.

5. Just DO It

Seriously, let’s stop waiting for our “busy” to slow down.

How long have we been “busy”, really?

I heard someone say recently that she stopped even using the word busy to describe what she had been up to. Instead of answering the “So, what have you been doing?” with “Oh, I’ve been so busy!” try using the word productive.

This will make your friend ask, “Oh, so what have you accomplished?” Which in turn will force you to list off a few recent accomplishments and all in all make you feel so accomplished.

You’re welcome. 😉

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