Meet Urban Southern

Handmade & High-quality

Handcrafted in our shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, our bags are made with the highest quality leather possible. For most of our designs, that means thick, rich, full-grain leather - the highest grade of leather there is. Full-grain leather has never been sanded down or processed so it retains all of its natural strength and beauty. This truly gorgeous leather also develops its own patina over time, becoming softer and more beautiful the longer you carry it.

A Brand Driven By Women

Recognition of the beauty and strength of all women and the bonds they share is at the core of our brand. We’re dedicated to supporting women along every step of their journey and building a community that uplifts and strengthens every one of its members. Urban Southern is, above all else, a place where women are seen, heard, and valued.

Living With Intention

We believe that life is well lived when we take the time to slow down and find beauty in our every day. We savor the sweet moments, nurture bonds with those we love, and value objects that add more to our life than a fleeting rush of gratification. We believe in embracing the future while honoring the traditions of the past and aiming for authenticity in everything we do.

Urban Southern: This Is Us

Get To Know The Urban Southern Team

Daniel & Rachel Smucker


The husband and wife team at the helm of Urban Southern, Daniel and Rachel have built a life around handmade leather goods. When they’re not busy designing and crafting gorgeous leather creations, they love spending time together with their children, especially while outside, enjoying nature.

Growing up with 6 sisters, Daniel feels right at home in a business primarily driven by women. He and Rachel are extremely proud of the strong women that make up the Urban Southern team. They’re also deeply invested in the community the brand inspires among its followers.

Daniel’s favorite Urban Southern bag is the Monteray Backpack because it’s elegant yet functional.

Rachel, who has a self-professed weakness for bags, couldn’t choose a favorite. She loves them all!

Bethany Fisher

Retail Manager | Social Media Director

Bethany⁠ first was introduced to Urban Southern a few years ago when she and her horses modeled for a photoshoot. Growing up an equestrian she always had a love for all things leather, from stylish leather boots to saddles and bridles. Which makes Urban Southern's slight equestrian style the perfect fit.⁠

Bethany is a people person who thrives off of oportunites to be creative. As store manager, she puts that talent to work overseeing daily operations and keeping things running smoothly. She is also the friendly face of Urban Southern’s social media accounts.⁠

When she’s not overseeing the store or popping up on your newsfeed, you can find her in the barn spending time with her horses, working on her photography skills, or in the kitchen baking up a yummy treat. ⁠

Bethany's favorite Urban Southern handbag is the Lexington Julep, she loves its size and carrying capacity, and of course that signature gold bit!⁠

Joetta Hoover

Production Assistant

Joetta’s industrious and artistic spirit first led her to leatherwork when she decided to make herself a purse by watching YouTube videos. When she crossed paths with Daniel and Rachel, they just knew she would be the perfect production assistant for Urban Southern.

Joetta is thrilled to combine her love of sewing and leatherwork in a fun, team atmosphere like Urban Southern’s. When she’s not sewing and laughing with the rest of the Urban Southern team, Joetta is probably spending time outside with her family, walking, biking, or playing with their dogs.

Joetta’s favorite Urban Southern bag is the Heritage Saddlebag. She feels it’s just right in every way, not too big, not too small, and transitions perfectly from day to night!

Jennifer Weiler

Production Assistant

Jennifer’s love for crafts and sewing first led her into our retail store to purchase some scrap leather, after just a short conversation Daniel realized she was just what our team needed! She now uses her years of sewing experience and perfectionist personality to continue the tradition of quality that is at the core of every Urban Southern bag.

Jennifer is thrilled that she now gets to do what she loves everyday and that the end result of hard work is a timeless leather bag! When she’s not busy creating wonderful leather bags, she enjoys working on one of her many craft projects. She can usually be found working on a piece of jewelry or perfecting a beautiful painting! 

Jennifer’s favorite Urban Southern bag is the Halfmoon Crossbody. She enjoys the simplicity of the design and loves that it is just the right size for all her essentials.

Jenna Stoltzfus

Assistant Office Manager

Jenna first heard about Urban Southern through social media. Once she realized that the company was local, she reached out about a job opportunity. With her sweet spirit and eye for design Daniel soon realized she’d be the perfect fit. 

As Assistant Office Manager Jenna helps with overseeing general day to day operations in the storefront and the shipping department. As well as helping our production team when they need an extra hand.

When she’s not working her magic on a leather patch, she’s probably creating a fun craft or cozying up with a good book. On the weekends Jenna enjoys being active and spending time outside playing a game of ultimate frisbee with friends.

Jenna’s favorite Urban Southern bag is the Britt Circle Crossbody. She loves it's unique shape and it’s functional size. 

Kathy Ebersol

Production Assistant

Kathy grew up around the leather crafting industry, with her grandfather and now uncle operating the Smucker's Harness leather shop, and turning Urban Southern into what it is today. She enjoys the satisfaction of stitching and finds sewing to be a therapeutic outlet.⁠

When she's not sitting at a sewing machine crafting leather creations, she enjoys fine-tuning her photography skills, or pursuing her musical talents playing the piano and singing with friends. ⁠

Kathy's favorite Urban Southern handbag is the Urban Bucket Bag. She appreciates its roomy interior and loves using it during road trips.

Ada Stoltzfus

Sales Representative

As our main sales representative Ada is the friendly face you'll first see when stepping into our storefront. Her sweet disposition and positive attitude help set the standard with customer service. As well as ensuring customers are taken care of & the store is organized, Ada also helps our production assistants with tasks in the workshop.⁠

When she's not helping a customer pick out the perfect handbag, you'll find her in the kitchen baking up a treat, reading a good book or tending to her many houseplants. ⁠

Ada's favorite Urban Southern handbag is the Quinn Crossbody, due to its size & it's useful but cute handles.

Emma Slippy

Production Assistant

Emma first heard about Urban Southern from our assistant office manager, Jenna. Their friendship paved the way for an introduction to the company and started her on a journey to become one our expert leather crafters. Her precise stitching and creative eye continues to be a great asset to our workshop. ⁠

Emma is thrilled that she gets to use her creativity in a productive outlet by crafting beautiful & sustainable products that will last for a lifetime. When she's not sewing a handbag, you'll find her painting, hiking or creating macrame masterpieces.

Her favorite Urban Southern handbag is the Quinn Crossbody, she thinks its the perfect size for an everyday bag and looks spectacular with any outfit!

Made For Every Day. 

Designed To Last A Lifetime.

Proud to Be a Part of the Slow Fashion Movement. Each Urban Southern Bag Is Created One By One. No Mass Manufacturing Here.

Let’s step into our shop, tucked away in the rolling farmland of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the heart of Amish Country. The first thing you’ll notice is the rich smell of leather. Each leather hide has been sourced and tanned here in the USA. Each hide has a different hue and markings that make it unique — this is how you can tell the leather is authentic.

We’ll unroll a leather hide and cut each piece needed for the bag’s design. We'll hold each piece carefully as we line it up and hold it steady to be stamped with a hot iron that brands each bag with the Urban Southern logo. We'll sit down at the sewing machine and make sure each piece of leather is in place before we start carefully sewing them together. The design slowly begins to take shape.

Once a bag is complete, it is nestled in a bit of tissue paper and hand packaged in a stamped Urban Southern box before it makes its way to your doorstep. This way, each leather bag has a story of its very own — from its beginning all the way through its journey with you. Thank you for being part of this journey with us. We all love what we do and are proud to be a part of creating quality leather bags that simply fit your everyday.