Look Cute During Winter with These 5 Classic Style Tips

Look Cute During Winter with These 5 Classic Style Tips

1. Elongate your legs with pointy toes.

In winter, with all the layers we have to wear it can be hard to feel like we still have a feminine shape! Pointy-toed boots or shoes can make your legs appear longer, and that may be helpful to some of us short girls. When I was in my early teens, I was obsessed with my height, constantly measuring myself to see if I had grown. I also measured myself in terms of others, asking friends how tall they were to see if I was getting close to their height. Now, as an adult, I rarely think of my height, and never see myself as short anymore. But I still love little tips like these that help me add more definition to my legs!

2. Match your hat with your coat.

If you want to pull off a polished and classy look for an up-town event, then this is a great tip! Wear a black hat with a black jacket, a gray beanie with a gray parka, or white fedora with a white wool coat. Of course, there is always a time to make your hat a statement piece, but if you are going for a more formal look this will definitely get you there. I wear a lot of black jackets, so I have several black winter hats to style with them in winter. I’m still looking for that perfect red wool beret to be my statement piece!

3. Focus on textures.

Keep the polished look going by focusing on mixing different textures. Think a velvet dress or top with a leather coat, and try a cashmere sweater with a wool jacket. Add some fun style with a red wool hat or a plaid scarf. I love to wear my daily denim with leather booties and long wool cardigan. Another bonus is that these fabrics are all light, yet warm, and will last more than one season which makes it worthwhile investing in the quality.

4. Balance your silhouette.

I sometimes feel top heavy with all my upper body layers, so this has been a challenge for me in the winter. Example: If you’re wearing a chunky or slightly bulky coat, keep your legs defined by wearing slim jeans and if you are wearing chunky snow boots or fluffy UGGs, go for a tailored jacket to balance your silhouette.

5. Don’t forget accessories!

Gloves are a great way to stay warm and a fun way to add style. Again, if you are going for a polished look, you want to match your gloves to your jacket. But if you want to bring in a statement piece, gloves are a fun way to do that.

Scarves also add another layer of warmth, as well as a great opportunity for color. I often wear black coats, so I like to accessorize with a red scarf.

Polish any winter look with a well-made leather bag, of course.


For those who like to wear skirts and dresses but also want to keep your legs warm, then leggings with boots are a great way to stay toasty and in style. Also if you want less bulk, tights are a great style trend right now, and I am loving them this winter. You can even find colored tights or textured tights for a fun statement piece. Think burgundy tights, booties, and a tweed style pencil skirt with a textured sweater for a classic about-town look.


Q: “How can I wear boyfriend jeans with booties in winter?”

A: Cuff them an inch or two above your booties. To keep your bit of leg warm, try wearing fun printed socks or colored/textured tights under your jeans! Also – boot cuffs and boot socks are wonderful. Check out Grace and Lace, the original inventors of the boot sock!

Q: “Is there such a thing as a cute parka?”

A: Not really, but there are fun alternatives! Look for a duffle coat, which is kind of a military-style usually made of wool or another great texture. It often has wooden toggle buttons that add a fun touch of style, and they are also available in lots of colors.

P.S. One of our ladies recommends Woolrich parkas, which have a really classic, clean look.

What are your best winter style tips? We’d love to hear them!

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