5 Simple Steps To A Stylish And Functional Entrway

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Because Delight in Your Home Starts at the Front Door

Is there anything better than the feeling that washes over you when you walk through your own front door? You’re home and ready to relax...until you take in the chaotic clutter clogging up your entryway! 

Whether your home has a foyer, mudroom, or front hallway, its entrance is the first thing you and your guests see. You want it to reflect your style and meet your needs, not look like a lost ‘n’ found bin. There’s no shame in it. After all, life gets messy sometimes! 

Thankfully, just a few simple changes can restore order and give you back the sense of calm your space is missing. We’ve broken it down into 5 simple steps anyone can take to transform their space.  


Step 1 - Consider What You Need

Creating a functional entryway really comes down to putting in some thoughtful consideration. The best place to start is with who uses the space and how. 

How many people live in your home? What are your routines like? What’s the first thing you do when you walk through the door? What do you take with you every time you go out?

All of these things will factor into what you use to organize your space. Do you need a full coat rack? Or will a single hook take cover it? 

Does your local weather justify a boot tray and umbrella stand? Or do you wear sandals year-round so a basket will suffice?

When curating a stylish and functional entryway, considering the way you use the space is just as important as how you want it to look.


Step 2 - Clear the Clutter

Despite being a key part of any home, entryways are not typically spacious. Keeping them feeling as calm and open as possible means keeping clutter to a minimum. 

Ideally, the elements you’ve planned to incorporate into your redesign will solve 100% of your clutter problems but it could require a little bit of extra work on your part too.

This work might look like cleaning out your overstuffed front closet (if you have to wrestle the other coats to hang yours up then you know what we’re talking about!) or breaking your habit of leaving junk mail scattered on any available surface. Whatever the root cause of the accumulation, a bit of organization and intentional effort is all you need to let your space flourish.


Step 3 - Decorative Storage is EVERYTHING

One of our favorite things is a storage piece that is as beautiful as it is functional. After all, isn’t the same thing true of a great leather bag?

A vintage accent cabinet, leather trinket tray, or a handwoven basket are all great options for pieces that can serve the space AND help it shine.

Selecting pieces that suit your needs as well as your personal style is the easiest way to transform your previously chaotic entryway into a tidy and chic space worthy of Pinterest. 


Step 4 - Done is Better Than Perfect

Personalizing your space should be enjoyable. You’re trying to add delight to your day, not stress yourself out, so don’t get too hung up on getting everything exactly right. The most functional layout for your space may take a little bit of time to evolve. 

The best way to perfect your design is to use it every day. From there, you can make changes as necessary and experiment with different layouts. Before you know it, you’ll have an entryway that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Step 5 - Add One Thing That Delights You

We’ve mentioned the importance of functionality among the items in your entryway but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a little simple beauty. Including something that’s there for no other reason than to make you smile, like a small vase for wildflowers or a treasured family photo, will lend your space a personalized touch you can delight in every time you pass by it. 

By following these easy steps anyone can take their home’s entrance from cluttered to curated. We want to know - what are your entryway must-haves? What would you add purely for your own delight? Tell us in the comments below!

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