5 Tips to Transition Your Wardrobe into Spring and Summer

5 Tips to Transition Your Wardrobe into Spring and Summer

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Every spring I find myself wanting to just throw out all the heavy textures, and darker colors when the sunshine starts feeling warm and the flowers show their faces. I want light, airy, flowy, and patterned. I want to go through my closet, pack everything away and start completely fresh! But instead of overwhelming my budget with a complete wardrobe replacement, this spring I decided to start looking at what I have in a different way. Here are a few ideas I’ve found to get that summer wardrobe while staying in budget and still getting to feel creative and fresh with my outfits.

1. Use shoes! Stash away those heavy and dark boots, replace them with light flats. Booties are also a great transition piece for when it’s still a little cool to wear sandals. Sneakers are also a recent trend that has been getting a much more classy look the last few years. Sneakers aren’t just for kids and runners anymore, there are so many beautiful options that will (actually) bring some style to your wardrobe. Bonus – they make you look like an active person even when you’re not!

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2. Use blazers as a layer. They can replace your super loose winter sweaters with a sleek, figure-shaping silhouette for spring. They are also perfect as that extra layer for cool mornings and evenings. I have a white linen blazer that I can’t wait to style with some of my fitted pencil skirts and floral dresses for spring.


3. Denim jackets are a great transitional piece. They pair perfectly with those light and airy, flowing florals. Spring days that start off cool and end up warm? Take a denim jacket with you as a layer that you can shed as the sun rises, and don it again when the sun goes down and the cool evening breezes start.

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4. Re-use winter items by pairing them differently. Wear booties with your short dresses but forgo the winter tights and leggings. Wear your cozy, textured sweaters with florals and bright colors. Neutrals still work well for spring — keep them out and pair them with colorful accessories.


5. Wear small crossbody bags instead of those larger totes. I hardly ever wear crossbody bags in the winter as I don’t like to wear them over my coats! But summer is when I use my 5-Pocket Crossbody and my Crossbody Wallet on repeat. They’re perfect to style with my light summer dresses, and they keep my essentials close at hand while I dance in the warmth of the breeze and the joys that sunshine brings.


Bonus Tip: Make a list of a few spring items that would pair with what you have to create your summer wardrobe. For me, I usually buy one or two summer dresses, a few colorful or patterned tops and maybe a new pair of shoes or sandals. These pair perfectly with those basics I already have in my closet and transition easily into summer to give my wardrobe a refresh – without replacing it all. This spring, I bought a short floral dress and a denim jacket. I also have a pair of shoes on my list, as well as some new tops. Accessories such as headbands, necklaces, and earrings are also a great way to add color and fun to an outfit and feel fresh and bright for summer. Your spring wardrobe is only a closet shop away.

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