Building a Sustainable Wardrobe on a Budget.

Building a Sustainable Wardrobe on a Budget.


We know the struggle, you want to shop consciously and invest in a wardrobe that is ethically made & will last for years to come, but sometimes those price tags just seem out of your budget. We're here to help with a few tips to make shopping sustainably easier! 


Create a Budget

First things first- know what you can comfortably afford! Fashion should be fun and stress free, so make sure to set an attainable budget that won't create added tension to your over all finances. We're all about creating a healthy balance in all areas of our life, including our finances. So sit down, go over your accounts and lay the groundwork for your new wardrobe. 


Organize What You Already Have 

After setting your budget the next step is organizing your closet. Starting with a fresh slate makes the whole process so much easier; so grab a latte, put on your favorite song and get to work! Take an audit of everything you already have and wether or not it brings you joy. If a piece isn't doing it for you anymore, add it to the donate pile and move on. There's nothing wrong with scaling down the size of your wardrobe, it's actually a great thing! Having less to work with will force you to be more creative in your outfit building and in the end you'll need less pieces to make a fashion statement. 


Do the Research

Now you're ready to get to the fun part- shopping! But where do you start? How do you know if a brand is as sustainable as they claim? Or if their products are durable? Research! Take some time to explore a brand's values to see if they hold the same principles as you. Read reviews from previous customers on the pros and cons of the products. Try and pinpoint what brands stand out from the rest before you start purchasing pieces for your new wardrobe. 


Name Brand Doesn't Mean a Thing 

While doing your research, you probably noticed that 'sustainable fashion' or being 'eco-friendly' are very popular right now. Everyone is going green these days, which means there are going to be a LOT of name brand companies trying to get in on this trend! Companies whose values don't line up with yours, ones that will strategically market being 'eco-friendly' but in reality, are not. So be careful & don't decide on a piece solely based on the brand name recognition. In fact, we think the best way to shop sustainably is to shop small! Look into brands that are run by everyday artisans & craftsmen, shops that aren't mass manufacturing pieces but instead painstakingly handcrafting each one. 


Always Watch For Sales

Now that you've found the perfect brands and small boutiques for your next shopping trip, its time to fine tune your game plan. Every company no matter the size will ALWAYS have a few really good sales throughout the year. So start keeping an eye out for the next big one. Follow the brand on their socials for news on sales and discount codes, join the email list, watch for holidays like Labor Day & Black Friday, or reach out and ask when the next sale will be.


Thrift When You Can

Buying secondhand is a great way to be eco-friendly! There are so many treasures to be found in thrift stores or online. Adding gently used pieces to your wardrobe will be a great cost effective way to freshen up your main pieces and will free up your budget for those more upscale items that you want to save for. 


Invest in Quality

Sometimes spending a little more at first will save you money in the long run. Investing in more long-lasting items instead of repeatedly buying cheaper pieces to replace the old ones is the key move in creating a budget friendly collection. 


Save For Those Special Items 

After spending all that time thoughtfully choosing out pieces that will best fit your lifestyle and are in line with your view on sustainable living, it's time to treat yourself! While we don't recommend constantly splurging (that's what the budget is for) we do recommend adding a few 'statement pieces' to your wishlist for the future. In fact, they can be a fun incentive, and a chance for you to get creative on finding the funds for them. 



These are just a few tips on how to build an intentional wardrobe; we hope they helped inspire you while you start your own sustainability journey, and would love to hear what your next step forward is on cultivating eco-friendly outfits on a daily basis! 

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I love your bags. I now own 4 and wanting to order the bucket bag. Love ur bags. Beautifully done.

Carolyn Vaughan

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