Confidently Accessorize with Leather: 6 Creative Outfit Styles

Confidently Accessorize with Leather: 6 Creative Outfit Styles

Learning to confidently accessorize with leather did not come naturally for me.

When I saw other people carrying leather before I owned any leather pieces of my own, I couldn’t understand the attraction to leather. I thought the prices of leather pieces were ridiculous. I thought leather was too bulky and high maintenance. I thought leather simply wasn’t “my thing”.

That was until the first time I cracked open a simple, beautifully clean white box from Urban Southern. White tissue paper softly cradled the stiff, rich leather of my first leather bag, the market tote. As I stared at my new bag, I felt something strange happening inside.

At first my leather bag and I were like a pair of awkward yet attracted-to-each-other humans. I liked leather but I didn’t know how it would fit into my life. I had never tried leather before. I was surprised that I liked the way it smelled—exciting like a new country or a handsome stranger. I decided to give it a try.

1. Black with a Touch of Leather

I learned some of my best fashion tips from my Australian friends when we lunched together every Sunday afternoon in Tokyo, Japan. Toni embraced the Japanese balloon pant trend — and ROCKED them. Freckle-faced Gabe always showed up makeup-free with her wavy, dirty blonde hair parted in the center. She would usually accessorize with a simple crossbody clutch that complimented her easy style.

My friend Kate entered the room with a class about her that I have rarely met in another woman. It wasn’t better than the rest of us, but it made all of us want to be classier women. Kate’s go-to outfit was all black, from head to toe, with an intentional accessory of brown or tan, usually leather. Her long, straight hair would be up in a chignon, her makeup minimal with the slightest bit of blush on her cheeks and a touch of clear lipgloss. I made up my mind then — when I grow up, I want to look like Kate.

Pairing black in my outfit with a leather bag makes me feel like the accomplished, successful woman that I am.

Shop this look:

Trouvé Cutout Surplice Top

Madewell ‘Lauren’ Collarless Blazer

Articles of Society ‘Sarah’ Skinny Jeans (Black Cast) (not shown)

Black Crystal Necklace Triangle Pendant

Modern Black Geometric Earrings

Gold Delicate Arrow Bangle Bracelet

Snare Bootie from Seychelles

Authentic Leather Urban Tote

2. The Creative Boss — Professional with Leather

Whether you dress business casual or high-end chic for your boss lady role, leather adds a honest statement of quality that completes every professional look. As a graphic designer and Creative Director, I get to have fun with my boss lady look. My daily accessory is the leather backpack messenger which holds everything I need: 15″ Macbook Pro, Wacom Tablet, headset, snacks, sketchpads, and more.

I’ve added the Modern Messenger bag as the accessory of choice for this outfit inspiration board.

Shop this look:

Tina Turner Tee

Ann Mashburn Diagonal Skirt

Akris Puntoxanthoria Perforated Leather Jacket

Rodarte Lace-Up Sandal Bootie

Allyn Scura Legend Eyeglasses, Burnt Crystal

Bluma Project Spirit Earrings, Indigo

Kendall Conrad Concave Wood Bangle, Walnut

Authentic Leather Modern Messenger Bag

3. She’s All Country

Denim and leather have gone together since before the Old West was settled. Give this look new life by dressing in all-denim for work or a lunch date with the girls. I feel professional and hip when I pair a denim outfit with a pair of sparkly flats and accessorize with my leather bucket bag.

Shop this look:

Clyde Taupe Pinch Hat

Sleeveless Denim Top

Babe Jean by Amo

Ann Mashburn Cowbone Beads Necklace

Lizzie Fortunato Villa Earrings

Lovestruck Tieks by Gavrieli

Authentic Leather Bucket Bag

4. Make a Statement

Dressing for leather doesn’t mean boring, period. Show the world who you are. Pick the bold print. Buy the chunky shoes. Wear the retro jumpsuit. Finish your eccentric look with the perfect accessory — the trendy, crescent-shaped, Half Moon Crossbody bag in a matte-finish greige leather.

Shop this look:

Handbeaded Cluster Barrel Jumpsuit by Rachel Comey 

V-neck Floral Jumpsuit

Retro Natural Wedges

Thousand Faces’ Passion Dress by Samantha Pleet

Retro Round Metal Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

Gold Hoop Earrings

Vintage Bar Ladder Pendant

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Cuff Bracelet

Black Horn Square Stretch Bracelet

Nature’s Lace Cuff

Matte Finish Greige Leather Half Moon Crossbody Bag

5. All Natural, Keep it Casual

When it’s Wednesday evening and you need to celebrate that you are halfway through your work week, it’s time for a meet up with friends at the local froyo shop for a frozen treat. Throw your hair up into a top knot, wear a graphic tee, and add your favorite leather crossbody wallet to your look. No one’s going to notice your lipstick wore off hours ago.

Drizzle extra chocolate and caramel on top and enjoy.

Shop this look:

New York Local Pride by Todd Snyder

Rag & Bone – Skinny Jeans, Acid Wash

Tilley Sunglasses by Warby Parker

Leather Crossbody Wallet

Vibing Baseball Cap

Taupe Tieks by Gavrieli

6. Lovely Southern Belle

You never want to look like a cheap date. You’re a lady. You’re fine like good wine. You’re also young and fun. Communicate everything about who you are with how you dress when you go out. Wear the romper or the dress. Wear it short but not too short. Go with both a smokey eye and a bold lip if you want to.

Polish your quality lady look with a simple leather clutch.

Shop this look:

Ivory Knit Floppy Hat

Oscar De La Rentavanilla Tweed Jacket

Long Botanical Bouquet Skater Dress

Pavilion Chandeliers

Signature Engravable Signet Ring

Lola Wrap Bracelet

Authentic Leather Urban Clutch

Romantic Blush Tieks by Gavrieli

Are you ready to confidently accessorize with leather?

No one tells you how owning a leather piece begins to change you. At least it has changed me, but not in ways that make me less myself. It adds to my life in so many ways. This is going to sound strange, but I think it is helping me find myself.

I’ve begun to think about everything else in my life the way I think about the leather I accessorize with—it must be honest, simple, comfortable, have quality, have unique character, and be useful. In a world surrounded by social promises that over promise and under deliver, I simply want a good, honest thing. Note that I did not say perfect.

Owning leather has defined a certain standard for everything else that I choose to keep.

When something in my life lacks honesty, I no longer trust it. When something doesn’t add quality to my life, it’s gotta go. Each thing in my life is there for a reason and I know what that reason is.

Over time, leather softens and fits into your life like an old lover who knows how to love you like no one else can.

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