Three Ways to Cultivate More Creativity in Your Life

Three Ways to Cultivate More Creativity in Your Life


I asked my friend and cousin, Deb, to write a post for us about something that she’s been learning about recently. She chose to talk about creativity and I’m honored to share her thoughts with you.

Here’s Deb!

It’s such a myth that some people have the “creative gene” and others do not. Living more creatively is a matter of the simple choices we make every day, and the ways we choose to think. All children are artists. They bravely pick up their crayons and create, or randomly sing self created songs. When did you stop doing that? When did you stop believing you could create art? When did you stop believing that you are creative? Here are three ways to go back to being and thinking more creatively.

1. Expose yourself to information on new subjects.

Watch a MasterClass on photography or world history. Read a book by an expert in a field you know nothing about. This is where creative thought is born from; new information in our subconscious that we combine in different ways and discover insights and ideas.


2. Practice divergent thinking: the ability to invent a lot of possible solutions to any given problem.

We can practice divergent thinking in our lives in many ways. One simple way to jog your creativity is to take a different way home. The next time you face a setback at work, pause, and intentionally think of as many responses and actions you could take as you can. Include even unrealistic options on your list to get as many as possible. You’ll likely end up liking one of your last ideas which may be a combination of some of your first ones. Always ask, “Can I do both of these things?”


3. Begin to value the ideas that come to you.

Host a dinner party with an odd combination of friends and see what conversations it sparks. It’s amazing the ideas that can evolve from brain-storming sessions with creative minds. Figure out a way to write the ideas down immediately so you don’t forget them. And then give it time. The best ideas are developed when left to simmer. 

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