How to Get Playfully Chic With Simple Summer Styles

How to Get Playfully Chic With Simple Summer Styles

When I think back to my fashion sense as a child, I often react one of two ways. I either A. cringe or B. laugh at all that my outfits encompassed. The summers consisted of all the neighborhood kids, my sister, and me playing outside together the majority of the day.

Whether we were creating a makeshift obstacle course, riding our bikes to get a slushie at a local convenient store, or jumping on the trampoline for hours, fashion didn’t exactly sit in the front seat of it all. It was more of an afterthought in a series of exciting things planned for the day. As time went on though, whether it was taking an interest in boys, going shopping with friends, or just solely discovering my creativity, fashion had a way of sneaking into my life.

Comfort and practicality played the main role in my fashion as a child. Of course my parents had a large say in the fashion decisions since they funded our wardrobes. When I look back on pictures, it’s easy to poke fun at my parents for the crazy styles they had us wear. But really, I was the one putting my outfits together and working with what I had. Shorts and t-shirts were the main staples of almost all summers. In fact, I had a t-shirt that had a picture of a big rollerblade on the front that I was in love with and a blue polar bear t-shirt that hung almost to my knees was a close second favorite. Try not to laugh (or cringe) too hard.


Of course, there reaches a stage in every person’s life where you start to recognize and test the waters of what your style is. Some days I woke up, feeling extra preppy and dressed according to that. Other days, I felt like a more sporty look was something I would try. The boho-chic look was another favorite that I have played around with and tested out. Even if it’s not recognized, I think every person goes through these changes as they find their identity more and more.

Here’s the thing though: I don’t think the journey to find your style ever ends. We are constantly changing and creating our style, which evolves with different stages of life. And that’s okay. In fact, I think there’s something liberating about having the ability to create, make, and play around with different styles without being put in a box. Does that mean your shirt that was in style 15 years ago will still make a statement today? That’s up for debate. Does that mean you have to consistently spend a small fortune to keep up with the trends? No! It is up to you how you mix and match what resonates with you. It’s your style. You don’t have to dress like your co-workers, the person on the front of a magazine, or a Kardashian. It’s yours to take ownership of it. Be proud of it!


As of right now, my style seems to lend to more classic pieces that will last longer over time. I’ve also become a big fan of layering over the last year or two. Some of my absolute favorite clothing pieces are light-weight clothing pieces that are flowy, paired with studded earrings.

Shop the Urban Southern Market Tote.


Accessorizing can be just as fun and often make the outfit or look you are going trying to achieve. That big, bold necklace often takes center stage when you are wearing a simple black shirt. Your bag often speaks for itself when your outfit it more subdued. Your heels can be the star of the show. It’s all personal preference, but it’s always a fun add-on.

My Market Tote has felt, “right” with some outfits lately and often has completed the my look.. I had no idea that my linen shirt and an olive jacket were basically begging for the Market Tote to be by its side all along. It’s no secret that my tote is a favorite accessory. It fits right into that classic look that I have been gravitating towards. Whether it’s Eric’s softball games, the grocery store, or going to a meeting at school, it has been faithfully by my side holding everything under the sun.

I put together some of my favorite pieces that I have been eyeing up/own for this summer that matches perfectly with the Market Tote. Whatever your style may be, I hope you gain some inspiration from one of these boards and can add a little something extra to your outfit this summer.



Tap to shop these looks:

Blue linen dress (similar) (1st dress in top row)
Tan dress (2nd dress in from top row)
Striped dress (3rd in the top row)
Denim Dress (4th in the top row)
Pink dress (5th in 1st row)

White dress (1st in bottom row)
Striped dress (similar) (2nd in bottom row)
Salmon dress (3rd dress in bottom row)
Striped dress (4th in bottom row)



Tap to shop these looks:

First white tee
Striped Tee
Grey tee: (similar)
Second white tee

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