How to Get Your Idea Out and Create Something of Value

How to Get Your Idea Out and Create Something of Value

The idea is always the beginning.

The moment you have the epiphany, the smatterings of an idea gradually connects and becomes something. Something that wasn’t there before you thought about it.

“I begin with an idea. Then it becomes something else.” Pablo Picasso

Once you have the beginnings of an idea, get started!

When we created all the designs for our first collection, we didn’t have a list of twenty items we wanted to create. We started with very few pieces in our creative portfolio and it kept stretching and growing into still more and more as ideas kept flowing.

Give space and possibilities to your ideas and watch them surprise you!

Have some surroundings in place for your ideas to grow. We knew we wanted all our designs to have individuality of their own, but also to flow together as a whole collection.

We worked, first of all, with only real leather. To highlight the simplicity of it, we added only the details that matter in practical carrying. No linings, no unnecessary hardware, and no difficult buckles to tend with. Instead we chose simple one-button closures that can easily be done with one hand.

Remember that details make the finished product.

Don’t hurry over those seemingly small or unimportant finishing touches.

We cut each piece carefully so that the edges are smooth and sharply outlined.

After stitching each piece, we rub the edges by hand for a completely finished edge. No hurrying, just time well spent.

That’s what makes a product become a treasured part of your everyday life.

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