Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Ideas for Moms Who Are Hard to Shop For

Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Ideas for Moms Who Are Hard to Shop For

We so get it. We’re moms and we know we can be hard to shop for. That’s why we created this unique guide for the best holiday gifts for moms.

1. Give her an Escape: Red, White, and Bubbly All Over

Even if Sunday brunch is a whole week away, you can still start your day with a refreshing splash of bubbly. Stock these at-home bars in your shower or tub and drink in the surprising skin soothing benefits wine-inspired soap.

To craft these all-natural vegan and gluten-free soaps, Heather Swanepoel blends notes from popular red and white wine varieties with complementary scents and oils—such as citrus for “chardonnay” and berries, plums, and apples for “pinot noir”—resulting in a series of sublimely scented soaps that bear the distinctive shades and subtle fragrances of the vinos that inspired them. Redolent with the rich, layered notes one would expect from any full-bodied bottle, this effervescent collection is just the thing to turn your day-to-day wake-up routine into happy hour.

Handmade in Monroe, Georgia.

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2. Brighten her kitchen with a Sun Basket!

Finally, healthy cooking has been made easy. The Sun Basket is filled with organic and non-GMO ingredients & delicious recipes and delivered weekly right to your door step! It includes gluten-Free, paleo, & vegetarian options.

Hand-selected, seasonal ingredients from the Pacific Coast’s best farms:

Organic & non-GMO produce
Responsible sourcing
Healthy, delicious recipe

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3. The Ultimate Leather Tote for Everything

The Market Tote is uniquely designed for distributed weight carry. Everyone is surprised at the number of goods this sturdy bag can hold with absolute comfort. The taller rather than wider design allows you to carry the market tote as a shoulder bag while moving easily through a crowded room. It’s slim side profile sits comfortably wherever you place it.

Let us count the ways this classic brown leather bag is versatile, gorgeous, and practical enough for your everyday.


As you might have guessed, the market tote was designed to be the ultimate shopping companion, whether at the farmer’s market or the grocery store. Pick up your favorite artisan bread and some fresh flowers while you are out.


You know you’ll need heels for that fancy dinner out, as well as a flat iron. Oh but what about my comfortable jeans, soft tee and flats for a casual drink with friends? This buttery brown leather tote keeps it all together so you don’t have to.


Have you been through five different mom bags, none of which were quite the right fit? Do you find yourself adding your husband’s items to your bag as well as carrying your toddler’s extra outfit, blankie, and sippy cups? Have you sacrificed your pride and gotten a shapeless canvas bag at Target just because it’s large enough? We’re here to save the day, mama. While we love Target as much as the next mom, the Market Tote will allow you to have quality and style without sacrificing the space. This mom bag will outlive babyhood and still be around as a beautiful heirloom for you to pass down to your child when he or she becomes a parent.


Books weigh a LOT. We all know this, and that’s one reason we love them. The weighty wisdom of your must have reads can be a trial to carry. Not with the sturdy help of the Market Tote. This durable bag makes it easy to schlepp your books around to, well, everywhere.


A laptop, a book, a journal, snacks, sleep mask — the long list of things we need in-flight can be daunting for any carry-on bag. The Market Tote is a sturdy leather shoulder tote that keeps it all easily available and fits perfectly under the seat in front of you — just like the flight attendant instructed.

Made in the heart of Tennessee with authentic leather from local tanneries. 

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4. Whimisical Bird’s Nest Pearl Necklace

 The Classic Nest Necklace is dainty and wearable, a piece that can be worn for many years and enjoyed by any age.

Handmade in North Carolina

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Red Land Cotton linens are unlike anything that is currently on the market. Not only are they exclusively a farm to home offering, but these linens are heirloom pieces, entitled to the same reverence that bed linens of yesteryear were due. Their linens are recreations of the bed linens of ancestors from almost a century ago.

Red Land Cotton linens offer un-dyed and unbleached options. Each piece of linen will have the subtle variations that are characteristic of the fibers from which it was woven. These linens will be strong and beautiful, simple and elegant.

Grown in Alabama / Made in the USA

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The woman in your life will be thanking you until next Christmas!

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