How to Style a Trendy yet Timeless Monochromatic Look

How to Style a Trendy yet Timeless Monochromatic Look

Wearing a monochromatic look is a safe way to make a trendy, chic style statement that is also timeless. Following these practical tips will help you confidently venture out with your own style.

But first, what is a “monochromatic look”?

A monochromatic look is an outfit made up of one color with different color variations. The best way to complete a monochromatic look is to accessorize with a staple piece, like a clean leather bag. A tastefully put together monochromatic outfit will always look chic.

Simplicity in fashion is the element that makes it timeless. —Urban Southern Click To Tweet

Trending Fashion

Monochromatic outfit styles are so in right now. There are articles trending with headlines such as:

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How to Wear a Monochromatic Outfit

Flattering for every body type

Did you know a monochromatic look in a dark color gives you the appearance of being taller and slimmer? If darker colors wash you out, wear a light shade near your face so you can pull off a look that makes you look long and lean without losing your glow.

How do I start putting a monochromatic look together?

A safe guide to putting your monochromatic outfit together is to start with your natural complexion and hair color. Choose dark, rich colors if you have dark hair and lighter, softer colors if you have light hair and a lighter complexion. Think of a color that goes well with your hair and skin tone. You don’t want to choose a color that will wash out your skin — you want to GLOW.

Another safe way to begin experimenting within a single color family is to pay attention to what season you’re in. In cooler seasons, choose from a palette of moody colors. In warmer seasons, wear brighter or lighter shades with soft textures.

Shop your wardrobe.

Arrange your clothes by color. This is going to make things so much easier when you get ready to put an outfit together.

Tip: If organizing your closet for the first time all at once seems overwhelming, try another approach. Set aside 20 minutes each week to organize your closet. Secondly, when you put your clothes away, simply add them to their designated areas by color. Soon you’ll have an organized wardrobe! 

Shopping for a Monochromatic Outfit at Goldmine Vintage Boutique

Ya’ll know I didn’t put this style post together without doing some of my own shopping! With my eclectic tastes, I knew I had to find a unique boutique to find pieces for a new outfit.

Colorado’s wintery mountain air froze my face as I walked along Pearl Street, through Boulder’s small downtown. When I laid eyes on Goldmine Vintage, I knew I had found the perfect place to shop. The gals at Goldmine Vintage helped me put together not just one, but two monochromatic outfits and gave me helpful tips.

Tip #1. First find a statement piece that you really like in the color family you are creating an outfit with.

This could be a statement outerwear, such as a fringed jacket, an oversized monochrome patterned sweater or it could be bright textured bottoms or an unusual top that stands out.

Tip #2. Mix new and vintage pieces.

Tip #3. Choose wearable pieces that you’ll wear over and over.

Tip #4. Complete your outfit style with those basic, wearable pieces so your statement piece doesn’t overwhelm your look.

Watch this video to see how these tips helped me choose an outfit that fit my personal style.


Outfit Inspiration #1: Gold — sassy and fun

What’s not to love about this monochromatic ensemble with a fresh holiday vibe?

Kelsey, a fashionable mom of four, created the perfect balance in her single color outfit style. I love that she went bold with a statement piece of sequin pants. She balanced all the glitter by layering with really clean, everyday pieces, finishing it off with modern, minimal yellow heels that provide a pop of color within the same color family.

Tap here to learn more about Kelsey’s look. 

Outfit Inspiration #2: Browns and Grays — everyday style

This is actually the outfit that inspired this style article that you’re reading. One of our own Urban Southern ladies styled her look with such easy, hip, everyday style. She paired a basic, wearable shirt dress that could be layered many different ways with a greige leather crossbody wallet and tan-colored statement sandals.

Don’t we all want a look that is so effortlessly chic and comfortable?

Fashion stylist Stulina put together an all gray look, beginning with her black statement shoes. It’s perfect for everyday outings.

Stulina’s tip: Prevent a boring look by layering different textures.

Check out this 15 second video:

Tap here to learn more and get Stulina’s tips.

Outfit Inspiration #3. Black — tone it down with brown

Wearing all black may seem overpowering for day to day wear. Classic, brown accessories really balance an all black outfit. This outfit was styled around Wendy’s statement piece, her brown leather bucket bag.
Tap here to learn more about this look.

Outfit Inspiration #4: Green — inspired by Pantone’s color of the year for 2017

I love the mixture of textures in this outfit. With the help of the ladies at Goldmine Vintage, I paired an oversized chunky sweater and a soft green linen scarf with a clean, olive-colored velvet dress. By adding a skinny leather belt to my dress, I’m not swallowed in a single mass of green and my waist is nicely defined.

Leather booties and a leather crossbody wallet really polish the entire look. Ya’ll know I didn’t leave the Goldmine Vintage boutique without those leather booties!

To Summarize

A good leather piece with a monochromatic outfit is a match made in heaven. Click To Tweet

Once you’re comfortable with wearing a monochromatic look, the sky’s the limit. Don’t box yourself in.

Wear all black in the middle of summer and wear all white after labor day. Go treasure hunting at a small vintage shop for outfit pieces in the same color family and try it all on in the dressing room to see how you feel about it. Try on colors you might not have tried before. Mix textures and patterns within the same color family.

Feel good and have fun with it.

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