Infographic: 17 Easy Soup Hacks

Infographic: 17 Easy Soup Hacks

We’ve been sharing soup tips all week. Did you know January is National Soup Month? We didn’t. Thanks to one of our readers, we know now.


Historical evidence of the existence of soup dates all the way back to around Adam and Eve’s time. Imagine Eve serving soup to her family when you set your table tonight. ⠀

The word “soup” itself derives from the French word soupe which means soup or broth. The word restaurant was first used in France, around the 16th century, to refer to a highly concentrated, inexpensive soup, sold by street vendors, that was advertised as an antidote to physical exhaustion. ⠀

Who craves the comfort of soup when they’re feeling exhausted?⠀

From being an ancient staple to a modern staple, we're thinking soup is here to stay. Click To Tweet

Wait. Why are you talking about soup? You sell leather bags.

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Easy Soup Hacks for Your Everyday

We both grew up in large, conservative families. We ate a lot of soup, especially in winter months. Our families raised our own food and put it away each autumn. Basements and pantries were filled with shelves of canned shelves from the floor to the ceiling.

Earlier this week we shared Regina’s favorite white chili soup recipe. She began making this soup for her large family as a teenager and it’s still one of her favorites today.

In addition to that, we wanted to share our favorite soup hacks with you. Most of these tips are from Regina — she is the true magician when it comes to the kitchen. I watch and learn. And I learn a lot. Enjoy!


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