Meet the SULFUR RIDGE TREEHOUSE: A Whimsical Tennessee Getaway

Meet the SULFUR RIDGE TREEHOUSE: A Whimsical Tennessee Getaway

A few weeks ago, when I stopped by the leather shop one day, Jen waved a business card at me. “Guess what?” she said. This lady offered her treehouse to US to use for a photo shoot! She told me all about the unique stories + details the Treehouse had, and about the fun lady, Susan, who had come by the shop.

I talked to Susan a few days later, and could hear the delight in her voice as she talked about the Sulfur Ridge Treehouse that she and her husband had built. She told me about the front door that was from the 1800s, about the hand-built front gate made from wine bottles that she had paid her granddaughter to help collect for her. It sounded like the perfectly unique spot for our summer photo shoot.

“After many wonderful adventures traveling around the world, we had a vision of creating a venue where we could showcase our own Southern hospitality. We researched. We dreamed big. And that is how Sulfur Ridge Treehouse was created.” —Trent & Susan Dyer



A few weeks into April, Jen and I loaded her vintage blue Huffy bike into the cargo van along with some leather bags, stopped at Publix to buy bread and lavender plants, then drove out to Baxter, a few minutes west of Cookeville. It was sunshiny and warm, and the leaves were turning green, just in time.

Driving in the narrow winding driveway felt like we could stumble upon something magical at any moment – and then we did. Tucked in amongst the trees was this delightfully designed Treehouse, with wooden walkways and stone paths and a wooden gate that opened amongst the wine bottles.

Susan met us there and showed us around, telling us stories about everything we saw. Every detail was so charming, and we couldn’t stop laughing and exclaiming in delight at everything from the clawfoot tub to the vintage hot water kettle to the mini Smeg refrigerator and the colorful floorboards.

We unpacked our leather bags, Nancy set up her cameras and Jen started checking items off the shot list. Deb and her linen dress smiled and laughed their way through every shot, especially at Nancy’s reaction when she found out Deb had designed and sewed it herself. Jen and I made silly jokes to make Deb laugh, and the sun shone warmly on us all as the breeze sang it’s tune through the trees.


Book Your Own Stay at the Sulfur Ridge Treehouse

We can’t wait to go back to the Sulfur Ridge Treehouse for a longer stay so we can sit on the outdoor patio by the fire, sleep on the outdoor swinging bed with the hand forged iron chain and take a long soak in that clawfoot tub. We can’t wait to wake up to the sound of the birds in the trees, turn on the vintage-style water kettle and pour the coffee into the chemex. Then climb back in amongst the cushions on the vintage bed to watch the sun come up through the trees. And when you go to the Treehouse, you may just spy a round leather bag we left hanging on a little hook beside the coffee bar.

Tap here to learn more about the Sulfur Ridge Treehouse! 

Photo credit: Nancy Center Photography 

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