Unbelievably Soft Military Boot Leather + A Trendy New Crossbody Bag

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Presenting a new leather option for two of our bag designs:

Matte-Finish, greige colored, military boot leather.

Military boot leather has a relatable, comfortable look that incorporates effortlessly with the soft curves of the Half Moon Crossbody bag. Resilient in it’s design and quality, it communicates the essence of raw, underlying strength that exquisitely fits your everyday style.

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Just like the creases in a service member’s boots tell the stories of vulnerable courage, tracing the natural distress marks of your aged leather bag will remind you of your own strength.

“The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination, as are intelligence and necessity when unblunted by formal education. ” ― Maya Angelou

For a limited time, we’re making two of our Urban Southern leather bag designs with this natural, gray-brown leather we affectionately named the “greige” color.

Discovering Military Boot Leather for the First Time

We work with a tannery in Kentucky. One day one of their reps came to the shop with some samples of this gorgeous leather. Fascinated, we noticed the military boot leather looked gray in some lighting—more brown in others. The lightly waxed feel of the matte finish gives an amazing distressed look. It feels like butter as you roll it under your fingers. The soft, suede-style inside has a lightly textured feel.

Regina immediately pictured her newest design, the Half Moon Crossbody bag made with this leather. The edgy, rather tough look and feel of this smooth leather fit perfectly with the minimalist style and convenience of this everyday fashion bag.

Oh the stories this leather will tell of it’s adventures!


After sketching and prototyping the new Half Moon Crossbody bag, we spent a lot of time using it in our everyday routines.

From spontaneous evening outings to the local frozen yogurt shop, to lazy afternoons on Colorado’s beautiful mountain lakes, to meeting up with friends on the weekend for good eats downtown, our half moon bags effortlessly complimented every setting.

Effortlessly Fashionable From Season to Season

The arrival of autumn has us falling in love with the simplicity of this beautiful design even more.Autumn seasonal images of leather bag, including bag made with military boot leather.

“I am a soldier. I fight where I am told. I win where I fight. I always believe in being prepared, even when I’m dressed in white tie and tails.” General George S. Patton


Purchase both the Half Moon Crossbody Bag and Crossbody Wallet together and choose free shipping if you live here in the U.S.

Comment below and tell us what you think about the new leather + new half moon bag. We love hearing from you.

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