Mom and Me: the Mini Market Tote for Children

Mom and Me: the Mini Market Tote for Children

I created the original Market Tote for women who want quality – and know the difference. For women everywhere who need a bag that does it all. For women who simply want an honest leather bag that can stand on it’s own.

And it got noticed. Everywhere I carried my market tote, women commented on my bag. They always asked about where I got it. At our pop-up shops it was the first bag they picked up. It’s original, they said. It’s like no other bag I’ve ever seen!

Designing our Mini Market Tote

I had another idea. My favorite, oversized leather tote would be amazing in miniature. I love mini everything—especially my very own mini-me! My little daughter always wants to dress like me, use my lip gloss, and even asks me to brush foundation on her face or to use my deodorant. What would her reaction be to a bag made like mine but sized just for her?

One evening I took my ideas over to our leather shop. My husband and I adjusted the design for a mini market tote.

Once we stitched it up, I gave it to my daughter. The minute my daughter saw it, she got hearts in her eyes. She reached for it and carried it around all evening. It fit perfectly on her shoulder and the carrying handles were soft and comfortable for her little hands.

I knew we had to make a matching mini market tote for my cousin Meg’s daughter, Emma.

A few weeks later when Meg and Emma came for a weekend, my daughter and I met them at the airport in Nashville. When we got to our hotel, I handed Emma her tote and got to see the heart eyes again as she reached for her new leather bag that was just her size.

Testing the Mini Leather Totes with our Daughters

The next day we walked around Nashville with the girls carrying their own little totes all day. They took their bags to Target and shopped the home decor section. They went to Books-A-Million and looked at books. They carried them through downtown and across the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge over the Cumberland River.

We followed our girls around with our iPhones and filmed everything they did. At one point they took our iPhones and followed each other around, even catching us in the background as we chatted and enjoyed the moment.


If our girls loved their mini leather totes this much, wouldn’t other little people love them, too? And maybe even adults?

Little people love things that are just their size.

Little people want to be big people. Little people have big personalities. We all know how little kids like to carry a bag of their treasures and favorite things. Let them be responsible for it all with their own leather tote.

There are so many ways the mini market tote could be used.

Use the Mini Market Tote as a Doll Tote

Your daughter will want to carry Lea, Kit or Josefina with her, along with all her accessories. With a sturdy leather tote, not even Lea’s three-toed sloth will have to stay behind.

Get Outside With a Nature Tote

Let her collect all those leaves and stones… finally, moms no longer have to find sand and rocks and sticks in their purses because kids will have their own tote to put these things in! It’s sturdy enough to carry 10 lbs of rocks and still hold up.

Save Mom’s Sanity with an Activity Tote

Going on a road trip? Even just a quick run to school and back can leave kids bored and grumpy! Fill the leather Mini Market Tote with books, pencils, crayons, coloring books, stickers and more. Don’t forget to take it along when you are on a coffee shop date, or waiting at the dentist office.

It doesn’t stop there.

The shoulder straps and handles were designed to also fit adults, so your darlings will never outgrow this timeless leather bag.

This classic leather bag will be the perfect companion for mall afternoons with your teenager. It will be their favorite book bag when they start college—a comforting sentiment from home.

They may even pass it on to their own little people some day.

Leather can last a generation—it only becomes more beautiful over time as it absorbs specimens of your life. The soft sheen of well-loved leather feels like velvet under your hands.

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