Not Sure About Your Outfit? Put a Necklace on It!

Not Sure About Your Outfit? Put a Necklace on It!

Do you feel completely confident when you have a foreign object swinging from your neck? Do you worry about the way it’s hanging? Do you worry about whether it’s the right type of necklace with the outfit you’re wearing?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, take a deep breath (and smile) because you’re not alone.

I didn’t grow up wearing any jewelry, but oh, how I wanted to wear it! When I was 20 years old, I got my ears pierced at the mall. I’m sure that was a contributing factor in the excommunication that took place a little while later. However, it would be several years later before I would confidently wear jewelry.

A few years ago, a dear friend of mine had a mantra: “Put a necklace on it.” She is a busy military wife, mother, small business owner, and fitness instructor. When she was running around in a t-shirt and jeans, she swore by putting a necklace on to perk up any ordinary outfit to make it and herself feel more put together. So today, let me help you put a necklace on it. I promise it’s easy and oh so much fun!

Necklaces have been the most intimidating jewelry for me to wear, but also the most fun. They’re a great way to change my whole look without needing to change my outfit. I collected some of my favorite ways to wear them with the hope that you’ll feel inspired to get creative with these delightful neck baubles.

Learn to Wear Necklaces Every Day with Confidence


One of the best ways to get more confident with wearing necklaces is to start wearing them more often. Almost any necklace pairs well with a basic tee, which makes this the easiest way to dress up your everyday look.

Photo Cred: Simon and Ruby

Photo Cred: Sparrows Eave 



Layer a couple of pendant necklaces with varying lengths.

Photo Cred: Simon and Ruby

ETHICAL STYLE TIP: Buy necklaces by local designers and artisans for meaningful pieces that you’ll use in your wardrobe for years!



Layer a necklace with a scarf or kerchief around your neck!

Photo Cred: Scouting Tall



Layer statement necklaces with other necklaces made with long, thin strands. Try layering different metals and colors. Break the rules and have fun!

Photo Cred: Call Her Classy

“I like to see women repeating pieces from their wardrobe in different ways. I think that gives your style more distinction than when you’re always looking for something new.” —Elin Kling

Photo Cred: Savvy Southern Charms 

Fun Style Alert: Did you know bubble necklaces from the 90’s are making a comeback? (Not that we would know, because we had no idea what bubble necklaces even were when we grew up in the 90’s, but according to style bloggers, you won’t be committing a style crime to wear them.)

Go ahead and play around with all the fun colors!

Photo Cred: Wakeleya

Photo Cred: Missksunshine



Instead of wearing red lipstick and pearls with your LBD (little black dress), dress it up or down with a necklace and layers. Choose a shorter elegant necklace for a date night out or a longer pendant for lunch with your girlfriends.

Geometric Statement Necklace | Shop the Half Circle Black Leather Clutch 

Photo Cred: The Garment Life 

Photo Cred: @theotherbevachterhof



Add a statement earring to a necklace to create your own pendant necklace!

Last week, my daughter picked up one of my tassel earrings and hung it from the center of my faux pearl necklace. It worked beautifully! I layered it with another necklace and felt pretty all day.


Additional Tip:
This tip is about following rules. When I was in design school, one of my teachers was adamant that I follow the rules. One day I got frustrated because I wanted to be creative and I felt like the rules were boxing me in. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to be put in a box.

My teacher smiled wisely and said, “You have to learn the rules before you can learn how to break them.”

I’ve learned that this applies to other areas of my life as well. By learning a few rules about fashion, I have learned what works better for my body or the outfit I’m wearing. Then I have fun breaking those rules in a way that communicates that I’m confident and creative in my personal style, not naive.

Style Rule (that may be broken): Mimic your garment neckline with the outline of your necklace.

For example, wear a scoped, statement necklace with a scoop neckline or a pendant necklace with a v-neckline.

Photo Cred: House of Aqua | Shop the Market Tote

Photo Cred: @shopthenewblak 

One of my friends recently shared the following necklace/neckline guide with me. When in doubt, this might come in handy! Don’t be afraid to break the rules, though. 

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