Party Time! - Urban Southern's Grand Opening Event.

Party Time! - Urban Southern's Grand Opening Event.


 The shelves were stocked with leather-goods, the vendor spaces were organized, the streamers were hung & the coffee truck was brewing it's first pot for the day. We felt ready for what the day held and were full of anticipation for the event we had spent months planning. But we were not prepared for just how much the day actually held! 



Ya'll the Lancaster County community SHOWED UP and we were overjoyed with the amount of people that came out that day! It was truly an amazing reward for all the hard work that our team put in this past year with this new journey our business took. 


 Let's Look Back!

At the end of last year, we were presented with the opportunity to purchase our new building. We had been dreaming of this property for years and we were so excited it was FINALLY ours!

We worked with our amazing designer Brenda from Painted Table Designs and the incredible team at Rustic Legacies to dream up the perfect space.   

 The building itself is rich with history & full of character; it even has a hand-powered, pull rope elevator! (that is still in working condition) Originally built in 1910 as a tobacco warehouse, it housed many businesses over the years but unfortunately by the early 2000's was in disarray and falling apart. In 2007 our beloved building was saved and got a major facelift from the previous owner, who painstakingly repaired it himself, piece-by-peice, working tirelessly to ensure that the character remained and it was returned to its former glory. 



Flash forward to the end of last year when we took ownership and construction began. The space got another little facelift to better accommodate our needs and the dream started to come alive. After months of hard work, it was finally time to move in, which was QUITE the undertaking! Days of designing and planning, hours of transporting products, and hours and hours of pricing, & the space was finally complete. 


The Celebration Begins! 

Once we were settled into our new building it was time to celebrate with a Grand Opening Event! June 4th came around and our morning started with a ribbon cutting ceremony & a few words from our wonderful owners Daniel & Rachel. By the time 9AM rolled around and the doors were opened, a crowd had gathered that stretched the length of our parking lot. 



We greeted our loyal customers and tried to contain our excitement as the crowd piled into our storefront to browse our products and check out the new vendor spaces (and maybe to get a free donut too 😉). 


By noon the line still wrapped around our store and the excitement & adrenaline were still pumping. Sonrise Coffee & Skip's Food truck were serving up delicious treats outside and Hopewell Flower Farm was helping guests arrange the perfect flower bouquet from their bouquet bar. 



The day carried on and the customers continued shopping, eating & enjoying the activities. Our event was living up to our dreams and we were left feeling nothing but gratitude. After a long day, our staff was feeling equal parts exhausted & exhilarated, and ultimately proud of this happy occasion we worked so hard to create!



Saturday was just the first day of the huge adventure ahead of us! We will undoubtedly have a lot of growing & adapting to do as our new store takes shape over the years, and we look forward to seeing all of your faces as you join us on this journey. 

Next time you're in Lancaster make sure to stop by and see the space we've all worked so hard to bring to life! 

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The weather was perfect for your open house in Churchtown Village.
Loved it all including the Coffee Truck,Food Trailer, delicious free donuts and drinks,
while taking in all you have to offer.
So glad you you bought this beautiful historic barn in our little town!
May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams
in this new endeavor.

Kathryn Ann Dienner

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