As Seen in the Spotlight on Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs

As Seen in the Spotlight on Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs

Over the past two years, a beautiful, supportive community of stylists, lifestyle bloggers, and micro influencers have helped our brand grow. This is our small way of giving each of these amazing individuals a shoutout. Without further ado, please enjoy their gorgeous photography and reviews.

Amy Marietta

Amy Marietta takes us on a sensational, photographic adventure through the French Quarter of New Orleans with her Leather Bucket Bag. [Learn More]

Featured Product: The Bucket Bag

A Blogger’s/Travelers/Adventurer’s Lifestyle Dream Bag! by Beauty and Concrete

“I’m sorry…a what?! Yep, it’s a convertible! Shut the front door! It’s genuine leather, sturdy, rustic, girly, sophisticated, and… VERSATILE! The straps convert to either a backpack or messenger.” [Read More]

Featured Product: The Backpack Messenger

Top Three Ways to Use a Shoulder Tote, by Southern Made Blog

“[The Market Tote} makes a great computer bag. Again, it’s got plenty of space, so I can fit my laptop, planner, pens, and the kitchen sink in this baby if I’m packing up to get some work done out of the house. This Urban Southern tote is authentic leather, so you better believe it’s incredibly sturdy and will hold the weight.” [Read More]

Featured Product: The Market Tote

Back Down South

“I love that [the Modern Messenger] doesn’t have buckles, a style detail that makes such a large bag a tad more feminine. It’s a simple crafted piece with the luxury feel of authentic leather.” [Read More]

Featured Product: The Modern Messenger

Hey Wendy Vanessa

[Learn More]

Featured Product: The Bucket Bag

Hill Collection Blog

“I’ve finally found the bag that will hold it all and do so while looking beautiful.” [Read More]

Featured Product: The Market Tote

October Acres

“This is seriously, one gorgeous tote bag! It’s simple and classy and goes with just about any outfit, casual or dressy.” [Read More]

Featured Product: Urban Tote

Twelve and Six

“This envelope style clutch is minimal and elegant. I can carry it on date night with a little black dress, and it also looks adorable with jeans and chucks.” [Read More]

Featured Product: Urban Clutch

The Patricios

“This Urban Southern bucket bag is amazing. It is completely made out of leather and from the moment I opened the box I inhaled that amazing wonderful smell of leather! It is such a classic bag and perfect for date night, running errands, going out the with the girls, or this bag would be great on a trip. I love that this bucket bag can be worn on the shoulder or as a back pack. It is so chic.” [Read More]

Featured Product: The Bucket Bag

Melanie Takes Her Market Tote on a Lifestyle Shopping Trip to Amish Country

“[The Market Tote] is perfect for shopping outings. It’s fitted with two wide straps which allows it to sit comfortably on your shoulder or you can carry it by the handles. Super versatile.

I found that the bag was the perfect choice to carry all kinds of things like sunscreen, camera, guide books and other bulky things that don’t fit in the smaller purse I usually carry.

So if you’re looking for a fine crafted leather bag that’s not only beautiful but practical, this is a very good choice.” [Read More]

Featured Product: The Market Tote

The Bag That Every Blogger Needs, by The Ashmore’s Blog

“If you are a blogger then there are few things you must own. When I first started my blogging journey I only had a computer, my blogger site, and my thoughts. Now I carry a blog bag and it’s from Urban Southern!” [Read More]

Featured Product: Urban Tote

The Mama Blog: Fashion Friday Edition

“These Urban Southern leather products are so unbelievably soft and smell so good. And they have everything from messenger bags to this tote which is just about the perfect size.” [Read More]

Featured Product: Urban Tote



What’s in my Bag? by My So Called Home



Featured Product: Urban Tote

If you’ve shown love for our leather bags on your channel or website, please reach out and let us know!

We love collaborating with stylists, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, micro influencers and Youtubers. If this sounds totally fun and you’re jumping up and down, he-hawing “Me, me, me, me, me, me! Pick me, Shrek!”, drop us a line via our contact form right here on our website. We’d love to hear from you!

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