A Simple Outfit Formula that’s as Sweet as Tea

A Simple Outfit Formula that’s as Sweet as Tea

“Can I get y’all something to drink?” She’s smiling, waiting for me to decide what I’ll choose from the menu to quench my thirst.

One glance around the room reveals the drink of choice for nearly everyone there. Folks are laughing and eating between drinks from big glass jars filled with sweet tea. I smile back at her and order what they’re having.

Since I moved here earlier this summer, Nashville has been making my life better with its good eats, sweet drinks, and creative fashion scene.

An Outfit Formula from a Glass of Sweet Tea

Creating the perfect outfit is just like making a glass of sweet tea. It takes the right combination of ingredients. I like to imagine that a southern Mawmaw always makes the brew that I drink. First off, she boils water for a strong black Lipton tea that’ll brew slowly for a couple of hours. She makes enough of it to keep in her fridge for a week’s worth of sweet drinks. It’s sweetened with a heap of sugar, but not too much, and served up over ice with a thick lemon slice (or two).

When you put an outfit together, you need similar elements — your basics or main pieces (tea) and completer pieces like an understated scarf, pearl stud earrings, or other simple accessories that sweeten your outfit (sugar) and a statement piece that provides interesting expression (slice of lemon).


Express your personal style by using this outfit formula

This outfit formula works for any occasion, whether you’re getting dressed for your everyday life, a coffee date with a friend, a networking event, or a wedding. Get creative with it to come up with your own outfit concoctions.

When Gina traveled to Europe this summer, she put together simple, sophisticated outfits with just a bit of sweetness and the perfect touch of lemon zest.


Britt’s go-to summer outfit comes together with the perfect blend of the right amount of sugar and a single lemon slice.


In colder climates and on cool autumn days, you can have fun adding more layers to your outfit.


Your lemon slice, or statement piece, won’t always be an accessory. It could be a brightly printed piece of clothing or a visually interesting part of your outfit that adds expression to your look. The secret is to balance out the rest of your look with a good selection of complementary pieces that bring it all together. With a little practice, you’ll hit the sweet spot every time you get dressed.


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