Simple Style Hacks for the Busy Mom

Simple Style Hacks for the Busy Mom

Hey Y’all! My name is Tara Sliger, and I am the new intern at Urban Southern! I have a degree in apparel merchandising and marketing from Southern New Hampshire University.

I’ve always had my own personal style, but it’s really evolved over the years. I’ve had plenty of embarrassing style moments. When I look back on my middle school years, I would wear shirts that had words like “Angel” or “Star” written in glitter while wearing Doc Marten shoes and flare jeans. Sometimes I look through my middle school yearbooks and just laugh/cringe at myself and all of the “fashion” we had.


What my style looks like today as a busy working mom

Now my life looks a lot different. My days are filled with an energetic little blond named Lilah. Currently she loves playing outside and watching planes fly by! I enjoy going bowling or mini golf with my daughter and hubby on the weekends. Nothing begins a day like a good cup of coffee in the mornings.

My life can get pretty hectic being a work from home mother and an Air Force wife, so I have compiled a few style tips and tricks that I think are useful for all mothers and women.


Give your mom style a little zhuzh

1. Keep the makeup routine simple: 5-minute face

Biggest beauty secret is to take care of your skin! I use the Cetaphil daily face cleanser to wash my face, and it also doubles as a makeup remover, Olay brightening eye cream under my eyes morning and night, and Aveeno daily moisturizer with SPF morning and night after washing my face.

Every mother needs a good under eye concealer when coffee is your lifeline to the land of living. The Tarte Shape Tape is my go to. I also use it as a highlighter. After I apply the concealer, I add a little bit of bronzer to give me that sunkissed look.

A staple in every women’s makeup routine is mascara! I use Maybelline Eye Lash Sensational washable mascara. If you only have time for one item, choose the mascara! It zhuzhes up your whole face.


2. Denim is always in Style!

Having two or three high-quality pair of jeans in your closet is a must. Jeans can be dressed up by simply throwing on a blazer with some cute flats or dressed down with a classic v-neck shirt and sneakers. Skinny jeans by Vigoss are some of my go-to quality jeans!


3. Invest in staple pieces.

This goes along with number two in having two or three good quality pair of jeans. It should be always quality over quantity. Having jeans that are versatile will also help spice up your wardrobe. A few more staple pieces are a sleek blazer, a little black dress, a pair of neutral colored flats or heels (depending on what you prefer), and a good quality handbag *Urban Southern *cough, cough.


Drop a comment below, I’d love to meet you / tell me your best style or life hack, etc.

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