Slavery Still Exists, What Are You Doing To Stop It?

Slavery Still Exists, What Are You Doing To Stop It?


When you think of the word slavery what do you think of? Plantations? Workhouses? Racial injustice? The Civil War?

Slavery didn't end with abolition in the 19th century, instead it evolved into something more sinister, more diabolical, something that hides in the shadows. It's not the obvious abuse or exploitation we saw throughout history, modern day slavery looks a little different than we think. It's the teenage girl with the significantly older "boyfriend", the child who comes to school with a new bruise every week, the woman on the train who's pain filled eyes have haunted your memory. 

Human Trafficking happens every day, everywhere; including in your own backyard. It's estimated that there are over 40.3 million victims of human trafficking across the globe today. There are more people trapped in slavery than ever before; they are being abused, beaten, raped, and exploited for the profit of others. The human trafficking industry generates 150.2 billion, yes BILLION per year, making it the second-largest criminal industry in the world. 

It preys on the vulnerable by manipulating and deceiving with the promise of a better life, a sense of belonging, or a better income. It doesn't look like the typical Hollywood portrayal of a snatch and grab kidnapping, in fact only a small percentage of victims are randomly taken against their will. Most often traffickers take time to groom their victims, they flood them with compliments, make them feel special & loved, and persistently build a "friendship" with them before they begin the exploitation and abuse. 

So what can we do?


Educate Yourself 

Knowledge is power! Educate yourself & others with the information and resources that can help prevent human trafficking. The best way to prevent others from being extorted and used for a predators personal gain is to know the red flags and bring awareness to them. Learning the signs of trafficking and being prepared to report possible cases in the proper avenue is one of the most important tools we have to take down this corrupt system. 

Click Here to watch an informative video to learn the signs of trafficking.



You can help end human trafficking and sexual exploitation by taking on an active role and donating to an anti-trafficking organization. Your financial gift will help pave the way for the permanent eradication of the despicable trade in human life. No matter how small, your donation makes a difference to fund the fight! 

Not sure where to start, how about donating to one of these three amazing organizations. 


Use your unique gifts and abilities to make a difference in someones life. Become an intern or volunteer at your local anti-trafficking organization to help with the day to day operations or community events. A non-profit charity takes a lot of hard work to keep operational, with volunteer opportunities in every department, there's always a way to help! 



Attend Or Host Local Events

Get out there and actively inform your local community! By attending an awareness event like a freedom walk or a gala dinner you are taking steps to make a substantial impact in the place you call home. 

Another crucial action plan to bring attention to the cause is, collaborating with an anti-trafficking organization to host a guest speaker at your local school, club, church, workplace or moms group. A professionally trained speaker will help equip your team to be prepared for any situation with practical, first hand knowledge of the sex trafficking industry and ways you can help.


Use Your Social Platform For Good

Unfortunately one of the unforeseen consequence of the rise of technology is the immoral trade of sexual abuse images and the damaging effects of the pornography industry. An industry that gives traffickers the platform to promote and sell their victims in order to fulfill the high demand for sexual content. On the other end of the spectrum, social media can be one of the best weapons to bring attention to an important situation, including bringing light to sexual abuse and trafficking!

 According to the latest data, the average person spends 2 hours and 27 minutes a day on social media platforms, that's over 894 hours a year staring at our phones! With all that time looking at a screen we can take in a lot of information, whether good or bad. How about this year focusing on using your social media time for a better cause by becoming an advocate for those who have no voice!


Together we can change the statistics. 

To request help or report possible human trafficking please call 

1 (888) 373-7888

Or text 

'Info' or 'Help' to BEFREE (233733) 

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Many don’t see it, so they think it doesn’t exist. But it does and involves many famous and powerful people. It is not just the unwashed masses… the more the establishment denies something, the deeper you should dig.

Cindy Watson

Thank you for shining a light on Human Trafficking!


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