Three (Good) Reasons For You to Buy a Real Leather Bag

Three (Good) Reasons For You to Buy a Real Leather Bag

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One. You appreciate understated luxury.

We all want to carry luxury on our arm, but some of us would rather stay a little out of fashion than to plunk down our inheritance for a Rolex watch or a Birkin bag.

Luxury is frequently synonymous with items that are bold, flashy, or simply expensive; however, luxury may be found in the smallest things. It can be the exquisitely foamed milk on your latte, the smooth light feel of newly laundered sheets, or the lavender fragrance of your bath salts.

Luxury is found in the details, not in the price. Understated luxury is the idea of simple luxury. Keep your inheritance safe while enjoying the luxury in the smallest moments.

Simply made, honest leather is the definition of understated luxury.


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Two. A real leather bag goes with everything. Seriously.

Is it a dark jeans and white tee kind of Thursday? Grab your leather bag and instantly you transform your average outfit into a fashion statement. Is it a bold emerald green dress and gold jewelry kind of Sunday? Grab your leather bag and you are complimenting your sassy dress instead of competing with it.

What about that colorful cotton romper you love? Swing your real leather bag over your shoulder and lift your chin a bit, you are carrying your style with flare. No matter what the occasion calls for, an authentic leather bag will always add style and punch to your daily wear.

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day. – Unknown.

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Three. A real leather bag adds natural texture.

Every day is a fashion show, and the world is the runway. – Coco Chanel.

Play with texture in your wardrobe. You will find that it’s already all there, but you may have not given any attention to mixing cotton with cashmere, chambray with leather, or chunky knit with linen and wool. That short linen dress, some comfortable Birkenstocks and a copper bracelet is the perfect background for the natural texture of leather.

Light cotton summer dresses with strappy jute wedges just need a natural texture like leather to add style. Denim jeans and cotton tees, wool skirts and silk tops, count on leather to bring texture into play to make your outfit a fashion statement. For further reference, The Chic Fashionista has a great article on the right (and wrong) ways to mix textures within an outfit.

Get inspired with these outfit ideas: Confidently Accessorize with Leather: 6 Inspired Outfit Styles


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