4 Simple Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer into Fall

4 Simple Steps to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer into Fall

Oh goody. It’s almost my favorite time of the year—fall! But how do we wear fall styles when the temperatures are still in the 80s and 90s during the weeks ahead, especially in the southern states? And how do we change the look of our wardrobes without going out and buying an entirely new wardrobe?

Giiiirl, I’ve got some ideas. Maybe you’ll like a couple of them.

1. First, shop your closet!

Keep the clothing pieces in your existing summer wardrobe that have a fall color scheme as the base for your style transition. Look for the textures that will work well for fall looks, like denim.


Choose 2 colors as your main outfit colors for fall. Then choose 2-3 accent colors to add and play with. Below are some suggested classic fall color tones from Pantone.


2. Choose a style theme/inspiration.

What best describes the style you’re going for this fall? Classic? Preppy? Boujee? Chic? Boho? Vintage? (It’s fun to mix it up. But it works best to mix it up once you have a good base theme to work from.)

For my personal fall wardrobe, I took inspiration from my upbringing for my style choices. I went for more solid colored pieces and then added some fun prints to amp up my style. I even got inspired by my prior homeschooling days with a fresh punch of courage from Nashville’s fashion scene and turned a thick-strapped summery dress into a fall jumper.


3. Add 1-2 fall-friendly prints to your wardrobe.

Paisley prints and checkered fabric choices are classics for fall.

The paisley printed top I chose was designed with a classic, button-up cut that gives it that vintage flair that I was looking for. I can wear it multiple ways, buttoned or unbuttoned, or knot it. I can also turn it into two different styles of head wraps!

That’s right, I got creative and used a shirt as a headwrap! When you get creative with your style, you can have so much fun.


4. Add all the accessories!

Hats or head wraps, a good leather bag, and a pair of booties are my favorite accessories to amp up any outfit, but especially for fall.

All of these looks were styled with the help of my creative 19-year-old sister. I’m always inspired by her boho chic and vintage clothing styles. I’m still trying to figure out if I would ever be able to pull off a pair of burks like she can!

Share your fall looks with us by using our hashtag #urbansouthern or leave a comment below to tell us which types of fall looks inspire you the most. We always read every comment.

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