Welcome Home to Lancaster, Urban Southern!

Welcome Home to Lancaster, Urban Southern!

It’s official! Urban Southern has relocated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and we can’t quite contain our excitement about the many adventures the future surely holds!

For anyone in the Urban Southern community who has not been to Lancaster, it’s our pleasure to invite you to visit!



Although its pastoral views can make you feel as if you’re far off in the country, Lancaster is actually centrally located to 4 major cities. Visitors from Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City can reach Lancaster in 3 hours or less, making it an easy weekend getaway for many people.

Whether you’re local to Lancaster or just visiting, we’d love to give you a warm welcome in our store, have a chat, and get to know you. If you’re from out of town, we’d be happy to recommend things to do and see while you’re visiting so you can make the most of your time here.

For those of you who can’t visit us in person, allow us to share a little more about Urban Southern’s new home, so you can see why Lancaster is our favorite place to be!

Just like Urban Southern, Lancaster has Amish roots. The Amish community in Lancaster is the largest in the United States and much of Lancaster’s tourism is based around their community and lifestyle. Visitors can get a taste of that lifestyle by touring an Amish homestead, taking a ride in a horse and buggy, and sampling Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine – we recommend the shoefly pie!

But Lancaster’s countryside isn’t the only place to find glimpses of the past when you visit. Lancaster City has it’s own rich history, including a short stint as the capital of the United States of America! Okay, it was for one day in 1777 but it still counts!

Just off of Penn Square in the center of downtown Lancaster, you’ll find Central Market, the oldest continuously run farmers market in the United States. Visitors can also check out a number of museums or head towards the outskirts of the city to tour two historic estates: Wheatland and Rock Ford.

Not content to rest on its colonial charms, Lancaster has developed a bustling modern culture that features international cuisine, original art, and fantastic music. With beautiful architecture, art galleries, unique shops, and yummy restaurants and food trucks, walking around downtown Lancaster is a delightful way to spend a day.

Like Urban Southern, Lancaster has always valued handmade goods. Because of this, many attractions in Lancaster are based on observing the actual process of creating these items. Urban Southern’s new store is proud to join this tradition by featuring a partially open workshop. Lucky visitors will be able to watch as Ruby and Joetta turn our premium leather into beautiful bags right there in the store!



Its long-standing emphasis on handmade goods also meant that Lancaster embraced the slow fashion movement early on. It was a natural fit! Socially-conscious shoppers in Lancaster can choose from a variety of intentional stores and brands, like Sophie Stargazer Boutique, Ten Thousand Villages, and The Refugee’s Makers Project. We’re thrilled to add Urban Southern to the list!

When you visit Lancaster you’ll see that it embodies the same spirit of intentional living and juxtaposition of contrasting qualities that Urban Southern has always embraced. From its bustling city streets to its winding country lanes, Lancaster’s combination of peaceful traditions and invigorating modernity makes it the perfect home for Urban Southern.



Our new store can be found just off of PA Rt 23 in Narvon, a small farming community in the heart of Lancaster County. We hope that, if you can, you’ll stop by and tell us a little bit about yourself!

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What about a bealt for your pants

Charles Jones

Saw you on Fox & Friends Saturday and I love Made in the USA!

Laura Beam

Recommended by Rachel Longnecker of Lancaster Cast Iron. I saw your leather work Sunday at the Harrisburg craft show. I am looking for a crossbody leather pocket to put my iPhone in. Your leather potholder is just the thing. Weight and Color are perfect. Two pieces of leather width 5” and maybe 9” length with cord long enough to go crosswise would be perfect for my needs. No need to have a cover as the inside of the bag would hold the phone in I think. If you make a sample, I will purchase it. Maybe you have better ideas about this item.

I live in Queens, NYC. No car. We can do this by mail or whatever. No hurry for this item. I do like what I saw of your leather work. Plain, simple, and good quality leather.

Hazel Rosenthal

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