What to Look for in the Ultimate Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

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You are the kind of person that wakes up with good ideas.
You work from co-working spaces in your city or the cities that you wake up in.
You run a small business or you’re part of a small team in a startup.
You are comfortable outside of your comfort zone.
You are the swiss army knife creative.
You are a knowledge seeker..
You take big risks.

→ You are a doer.

You follow successful, startup CEOs on social media.
You’ve read either The Four Hour Work Week or Traction or both.
You tell Siri your latest content marketing ideas as you sit in traffic.
You’re saving up for a Technology Summit in San Francisco next year.
You just signed up for a marketing webinar and added two new podcasts to your playlist.

You've seen others burn out before they even have the chance to shine. Click To Tweet

You care about presenting yourself well.

You would not show up to a job interview or a high profile pitch wearing a pair of worn out sneakers. So why would you show up to any professional environment toting a faux leather bag with frayed handles? Or worse yet, a cheap tote with your laptop knocking loosely to and fro on the inside?

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You did not spend those years of learning by trial and error to present an amateur image to potential clients. You certainly did not spend your thousands of dollars on a Macbook with a dedicated graphics card to turn around and toss it carelessly into an unprotected tote.

You take yourself seriously. Carrying an authentic leather laptop messenger speaks volumes to others of your character and your commitment to your craft.

You need a leather laptop messenger bag that fits your inspired lifestyle.

A Laptop Bag Made of Great Things

Leather is durable. Over time you’ll save money buy choosing a leather laptop messenger bag versus one made from canvas or synthetic materials because real leather will outlast either of those options. No other material looks as refined or as professional as classic brown leather.

Our leather messenger bags are made with a heavier weight leather that is also used for saddles. Over time, this leather softens but keeps it’s shape. It also serves to better protect what you need to carry in your messenger bag.

A lot of laptop bags are created with the single purpose to only carry your laptop, but a good leather laptop messenger will be designed to accommodate the lifestyle requirements of a working professional.

We’ve seen many leather messenger bags that are purposeless. They’re popular, yet useless. They aren’t designed with practical pockets or versatile features.

We’ve designed each one of our messenger bags with slim laptop pockets that protect your laptop and separate it from everything else you might be carrying. Two smaller pockets may hold your smart phone, ear buds, and business cards.

Photo by Paige Logan Photography


A Leather Laptop Messenger Bag that Makes a Statement

Look good while you hustle. Leather compliments every outfit style. Carrying a leather messenger bag communicates good taste, professionalism, and value.

Leather is timeless. Just like you, leather gets better with age. As your leather messenger accompanies you on your journey through life, it will absorb pieces of your story and become truly unique to you.

There are many perks to having not only a useful, professional bag, but one that also doubles as your favorite fashion accessory.

Our messenger bags are gender neutral with a strong use of clean design.

Versatility is a Key Component for Productivity

Running yourself into the ground with the glorified hustle is completely overrated. When you find yourself operating on a high level of constant activity, stop and reevaluate. Intentional choices in the overlooked areas of your life will make your life simpler and more productive.

As Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society says, more joy, less overwhelm.Click To Tweet

Having a quality leather messenger bag will simplify your life in ways you would not have expected. Investing in a multi pocketed, smartly designed messenger laptop bag is one of the best investments you will ever make.

The Backpack Messenger is unique with two completely different ways to wear it. It converts from a backpack to a side carry messenger bag. That’s right, you heard me correctly. The straps adjust to different lengths, even allowing you to carry it as a crossbody messenger.

Another favorite little feature of this bag is to use the shoulder straps of the backpack to hang on the back of your chair in a coffee shop while you work.

A Leather Laptop Messenger Bag That Travels Well

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You need a leather laptop messenger bag that’s on cue.

Getting through security checkout lines with a good laptop messenger is a breeze. Simply pull out your laptop from it’s pocket and lay it in a bin, then quickly slide it back in once you’ve walked through the body scanners. Whether you’re short on time or not, you don’t want to waste time getting your laptop in and out of your bag.

The slim design of both of our messengers keeps them from being bulky. Stack either one of our messengers with the large Market Tote, another travel favorite, and admire how perfectly they both fit under the seat in front of you. There’s no need to get up during your flight to get something out of the overhead bin.

→ Backpack Messenger Laptop Bag

Both of our leather messenger bag designs are great for traveling, but the backpack messenger wins this category with it’s multiple versatile features. The backpack messenger provides an important ergonomic advantage when you wear it as a backpack, since the weight of your bag is evenly distributed on both shoulders. When you constantly carry all of the weight of a bag on one side of your body, it can cause physical stress which is detrimental over time.

Wearing this messenger as a backpack when traveling also leaves your hands free for doing other things, such as:

  • → Pushing elevator buttons.
  • → Handing your information to security personnel after you’ve checked in for your flight.
  • → Taking your shoes off at the security checkout line.
  • → Getting a drink from a water fountain.
  • → Grabbing a quick bite to eat or browsing items in the gift shop.
  • → Carrying additional items like a carry-on tote, such as the Market tote.
  • → Pushing your stroller when you are traveling with young children.
  • → Giving the gate agent your ticket.

When you’re wearing the backpack messenger, it stays out of the way. Because of it’s slim profile, you don’t have to worry about knocking three people over as you turn around. You’ll avoid unknowingly invading someone’s personal space as you ride the bus or train.

→ Modern Messenger Bag

Designed with a wider shoulder piece, this messenger wins with extra comfortable carrying straps. This messenger has also been designed with a separate laptop pocket to protect your technology. With room for personal items or books, this messenger elegantly carries whatever you’re traveling with.

Testing my own leather laptop messenger bag.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been carrying the Backpack Messenger as my laptop bag.

My bag has traveled with me from Denver to San Diego, Dallas to Miami, Detroit to Nashville, and Charlotte to Las Angeles. This month my laptop messenger bag will be my companion on my trip to Tokyo, Japan.

I’m a full-time working creative — a graphic designer by day and an artist by night.
I’m also a marketer, project manager, and my own best assistant.
I’ve worked with multiple startups.
I’m a mother to a seven year old.

Needless to say, I’ve put my leather messenger to the test.

It’s never let me down. It’s become a part of me—an expression of who I am.

My leather messenger has refined my style and approach as a working professional. Click To Tweet

I found the perfect laptop messenger bag that fits my inspired lifestyle.




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