What Would Your Dream Dressing Room Look Like?

What Would Your Dream Dressing Room Look Like?

Written by Regina Bauman and Meg Delagrange

Regina’s Dream Dressing Room

Theme: Show the World Your Soul

Song by Chelsea Gill — Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

The Elements:

☑ Copper Pipe Clothes Rack
☑ Wall hooks for Bags
☑ Huge Detailed Floor Mirror
☑ Vanity
☑ Chandeliers
☑ Fluffy shag rug
☑ Velvet Floor Poufs
☑ Coat Tree
☑ Inspirational Art

1. Chandelier | 2. Abstract Nude | 3. Wall Decal | 4. Vanity Mirror | 5. Shag Rug | 6. Floor Pouf | 7. Old World Map Art | 8. Wardrobe | 9. Simple Coat Tree  | Pinterest Inspired Interior


Every morning when I wake up, I let myself have the luxury of waking up slowly. I enjoy the warmth of the blankets and look out the window to see what kind of day it is going to be. I love the idea of getting up early and getting things done, but allowing myself the time to get up slowly, sit on the couch and drink coffee with my husband is what gets me inspired for the day like nothing else. After he leaves for work, I get ready for the day.

When I started thinking about my dream dressing room, I knew I wanted it to be more than just a pretty place where I keep my clothes. Like the rest of the rooms in my house, I want it to inspire me in some way.


I want to walk into my dressing room and feel inspired to be myself. To feel confident that the clothes I put on and the face I show the world is authentically me. To know that I have something that no one else has, I can do something no one else can, and that is to just be myself.

“A thousand different ways to live, you’ve got something only you can give.” Chelsea Gill


My dream dressing room is simple, but with natural textures that feel at once both cozy and luxurious. It has space for friends to come in and talk and laugh while we all get ready for an evening out. It has an area to dance in front of the huge, embellished mirror when I feel like it.

It has windows for natural light because we all look better in it. I always stand to put on makeup and do my hair, so a narrow side table with an old world vibe is perfect to hold my few makeup essentials and hair brush.

My dream room has soft rugs and smooth wooden floors. The huge and gorgeously detailed floor mirror bring some luxe vibes to the simple modern space. It has a full wall with hooks that display all my leather bags and an array of hats.

I want simple art on the walls, a quote from one of my favorite songs that says, “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” — another reminder that I’m the only one that can be me. A world map because dreaming of seeing the world always inspires me. A simple sketch showing a woman’s curves — because we’re all made so beautifully.

For the lighting, Arhaus has some great hanging light fixtures that would light up the room perfectly and show off all the artwork on cloudy mornings.


Now if there were only a magical way to toss dirty clothes in the corner and have them appear clean and back on the hangar the next day – that would be a dream dressing room.



Meg’s Dream Dressing Room

Theme: Take Me to Church

The Elements:

☑ Unique lighting with stained glass windows
☑ Galley style room with vaulted ceilings
☑ Metal pipe clothing racks
☑ Box Cube Shelves for my leather bags
☑ Hat wall above a vintage church pew
☑ Quote wall that includes my makeup station
☑ Soundproof room with Polk floorstand speakers

1. Pendant Lighting | 2. Polk Floorstand Speakers | 3. Ascending Cube Shelf | 4. Wall Mirror | 5. Blue Vases | 6. Freshwater Pearl Necklace | 7. Gold Box | 8. Shag Pillow | 9. Gold Pillow | 10. Church Pew | 11. Indigo Art | 12. Feather Art | Pinterest Inspired Interior | Hat Wall by Mija


Each morning I get up at 5 a.m. but I haven’t always been a morning person. Developing the habit of getting up early took place during a transitional time in my life when I was internally regenerated. In other words, my whole world had gotten turned on its head, and instead of letting it kill me, I let it make me stronger.

I stopped letting life happen to me and took responsibility for the choices I was making. Ultimately, I want my dream dressing room to remind me of this key shift in my mindset each morning when I get dressed. For me, there’s nothing like the gift of time and inspiration that I receive in the hour before the sun comes up.

Having been raised by a dad who was an architectural artist, I immediately pictured myself walking into a gallery style room with vaulted ceilings. The energy of the place would never cease to fill me with a sense of wonder.

I want stained glass windows on the east side of the room so my dressing room could be filled with a unique blend of colors each morning as the sun comes up.

I’ll hold on to that fragile slice of hope and keep it close, remembering that in each of us lie good and bad, light and dark, art and pain, choice and regret, cruelty and sacrifice. We’re each of us our own chiaroscuro, our own bit of illusion fighting to emerge into something solid, something real. ― Libba Bray


My dream dressing room needs a church pew in it with my hat wall above it. I can see all of my friends gathered around that bench, trying on different hats.

I have always loved church pews. There’s something so warm yet mystical about the well-polished wood that has been a silent witness to the struggles and triumphs of so many people. It’s long, and narrow design would fit perfectly into the gallery structure of my dressing room.

The room would also have to be soundproof, so I wouldn’t wake up my daughter in the early morning hours as I play music from the tall Polk floorstand speakers and dance in the outfits that I try on.


There has to be significance and intention behind everything that I do, so putting together a mood board for my dream dressing room got me thinking about WHY I want certain things in my room. I want this place to empower me because I dress my inner woman as well as my outer woman.

On the west side of my room, I would have a quote wall with my “makeup station” positioned in the center of it. My makeup station would be simple. I would have an old world framed mirror on the wall with two industrial, farmhouse style shelves below it with all of my makeup, jewelry and brushes creatively organized.

Years ago I discovered that I hate sitting down while doing my makeup. There’s just something about the freedom of being able to stand and freely move that helps me feel ready for the day as I’m getting ready.

While I’m putting my makeup on, I imagine being able to step back and look around the mirror at a wall of quotes and read affirmations that remind me of my purpose. I would have a paint pen on my makeup shelf so that I could add new quotes to this wall anytime I want to. It would be a giant love letter!

When I step out of my dressing room and into my everyday life, I want to BE the change. I know that I cannot love or fill anyone else until I have loved and filled myself.

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