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Spring is in the air, friends! We’ve begun to see hints of the bright, new green in the fields surrounding our shop, and even a crocus or two here and there. After some snowy months here in Pennsylvania we can’t wait to watch as things begin to bloom again. 

One upside to all that snow was that we had lots of time to spend in the shop. Even being stuck inside can seem like a positive when it includes a toasty warm workshop, co-workers you can laugh with, and the smell and feel of rich, buttery soft leather. Take it from us, it's a pretty nice way to pass the time!


4 women stand together smiling in a shop surrounded by rolls of leather, white script reads "Celebrating Strength"


Which is, of course, why we made it our life's work. Really, what could be better than doing what we love surrounded by the people we care about every day? We truly love the process of crafting each and every bag by hand from start to finish. From selecting the perfect piece of leather for the design, all the way to wrapping it in tissue paper for its journey to your door. We will simply never get tired of creating items we know people will treasure for a lifetime.


Rachel and Daniel Smucker stand in front of shelves filled with leather. Daniel is looking at Rachel and smiling. White script reads "Celebrating Intention"


And the people we care about and consider part of the Urban Southern family? Well, we are thrilled to tell you their number has been growing! Over the winter we happily welcomed Jenn, our newest production assistant, to the team. Jenn is super creative, which makes her a great fit for Urban Southern.

We were also absolutely overjoyed to celebrate the adoption of Daniel & Rachel's youngest child, Zachary, when it was finalized in February. You may remember that JJ & Jena, Zachary's older brother and sister, had their adoptions finalized last August, so that means the Smuckers are officially a family of 5. Hooray!


3 different images of 3 different women cutting or sewing leather in a shop. White script reads "Celebrating Craftsmanship"


Now, if you think we spent all that time in the shop making the same bags you already know and love, think again! In addition to all your current faves, we've also been whipping up some new designs that we think will be just *perfect* for summertime. We can't wait to share them with you, so definitely sign up for our email list if you haven't already!

And to give y’all one final behind the scenes teaser...we’ll be sharing something soon (from an extended member of the Urban Southern family) that we think will suit the tastes of many of our followers.

 Alright, that's it for our updates and teasing! We hope you're enjoying early spring as much as we are. Follow us on social for more behind the scenes and be sure to snap a pic as you and your Urban Southern bag venture out into the fresh air. Remember to share with our hashtag (#UrbanSouthern) so we can see all your beautiful faces!

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Can’t wait to see your new products! Love the three pieces that I have so far and am excited to add to my collection. Thanks for the update 😀

Carla Apr. 05, 2021

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